Friday, 6 May 2016

A brother, a sister, her friend and the big change Episode 3 Transformation continues...

After the hard work everybody decided to relax a bit. They began to chat about the date, they began listing the things Rohan will have to learn for acting like a girl. They decided to make him act like a very shy girl who does not talk much. This was a way to prevent him from saying anything that was not lady like or be caught if he spoke in his normal voice. Although when asked to talk like a girl, Rohan did have a pitch that sounded completely girly. They also began to give him tips in everything like while he was sitting he should keep his shoulders in rather than wide, try to fold his legs more so his underwear is not visible. They even taught him how to walk in a straight line instead of wide so that his walk looks more feminine due to the hip moment. They even did a lot of web search to find other things that they may have forgotten.

Soon every body became tired and decided to sleep. Deepa was having a lot of fun making a guy into a girl. She decided to have some more before walking into the room . She told Rohan that the most difficult part in being a girl was wearing a bra. So he must wear one before going to sleep that night. It would make him comfortable in wearing it on the date night. If he was not comfortable he may want to tug at it or scratch it, especially as it would be really tight on his shoulders. She did not tell him the fact that Rohini had planned to make him wear a camisole inside to create the effect of straps as he did not have breasts anyway. Rohan decided that the argument made sense. So he agreed to wear one. Deepa had one from the shopping she had done earlier which she made him wear.

He found it difficult to wear as he was not able to get the hands behind his back in the right position. So Deepa taught him the trick to wear it so that he could hook it in front and turn it around before putting his arms in. She promised him that next time she would get him a sports bra which he can wear like a t-shirt. Rohan slept thinking what Deepa meant when she said next time. He found sleep a bit uneasy initially as the bra did press on his shoulders and chest and he felt really different. Yet being tired from the whole ordeal, he went into deep sleep.

He dreamed that night about Priya and how he would finally talk to her and she would finally accept him as the love of her life. That morning when he woke up he was really happy and then he felt a little bit of tug to remind him what he was wearing. Deepa was the first person to wake and come to his room. The moment she arrived, she asked Rohan how it felt to be wearing bra and if he liked it enough to make it permanent. Rohan just became shy and Deepa teased him that he is already practicing to be a shy girl.

Soon Rohini also woke up and was surprised to find Deepa in Rohan's room and more so when she realized her brother was wearing a bra. Rohini asked Deepa about it while Rohan was getting ready. Deepa told her that Rohan was enjoying being a girl and was really enthusiastic about doing it, and he had asked if was going to wear a bra. So she had given it to him. Rohini was happy to see her brother get so involved and she thought may be he does like being a girl.

Deepa told them that no matter how Rohan looked or acted, it was his face that would be the most important part distinguishing his gender. So they need to concentrate really hard on it. The first thing they needed to do was give him a facial and may be tweeze his eyebrows. The tweezing was really important step in their plans as girls should always have shaped eyebrows. They are the features that bring out the beauty in the face.


After a patient and hard handiwork by Deepa, Rohan had a shaped and thinner eyebrows and curled eyelashes. Rohini could not deny how feminine her brother looked after a small change like that. 

Deepa was in full mood now and had already started treating Rohan as a little girl. Every thing she said she would make sure it had Rohan being made to feel like a girl. She would say things like "Rohan makes such a cute girl" or "I am so jealous Rohini that you have such pretty sister." She even started observing and correcting him and the statement "Rohan girls dont do ____ like that they do it like ______" became the most spoken statement in the room. 

The whole thing had now became a funny and happy thing as the girls became really comfortable with Rohan so much that they started talking around him like he was one of them. They would discuss the make up that has to be done and the dress to be wore by them on their date and would ask his suggestion before realizing their mistake and then end up telling him that he would actually look good in that dress too. Deepa had taken this time to get the hair cap and fit it on Rohan's head to check the size and add the wig to his head. She said she would be able to glue it so that it does not slip or fall off. Then they began changing various hairstyles and looking at how he looked in those. They even tried tying the hair in pigtail or braids but decided to leave them open as it hid his features a bit and gave him a sexy look.